NEXTY Pipette Carrousel Stand

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NEXTY Pipette Carrousel Stand

Easy to hook and very secure!
Pipette Carrousel Stand for NEXTY series.

*The product package does not include pipettes
Special stand developed in pursuit of usability and functionality.
Easy-to-Use Holder    
  The holder designed with the best angle has achieved the ease of hooking pipettes and secure holding. Compatible with some models of other brands.
Easy-to-Grip Head   Smooth Revolution   Compact
Head is mushroom-shaped and it is easy to carry.   Holder joint moves smoothly and revolves without frustration.   It is space-saving 6-holder carrousel stand. It is compact and stable.
Compatible with other brands!     (*Some models are not compatible.)
Compatibility (example)
 • Watson NEXTY Pipette each model (Autoclavable, Single, Multi, Fixed volume)
 • Girson · PIPETMAN® ~1000 µL • Thermo · Finnpipette ~100-1000 µL
 • Nichiryo · Nichipet EX PlusⅡ ~5000 µL / Nichipet Premium ~100-1000 µL
 • Rainin · Pipet-Lite XLS ~500-5000 µL
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Carrousel Stand
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How To Assemble


Assemble the parts except for the holders referring to the diagram and screw the head and M5 nut to fix them. (Read “Caution” below too.)
Slide the holders onto the holder joint.

Fix the head firmly until it does not revolve further. Fix M5 nut firmly using a spanner. These parts may fall off if they are loose and it may cause a danger. Conduct regular check to make sure these parts are not loose.


 Quality Control 

The product that adheres this mark is RNase/DNase/Human-DNA FREE.

Fukae / Watson products are produced in a clean room production line where original Watson's strict system of the quality is set up.

These products are inspected by rigorous quality standards, and we will issue the RNase / DNase certificate of each lot at your request.

The product that adheres this mark is Pyrogen FREE.

This mark shows endotoxin level reach 0.05 EU/mL or less when our products were tested using a colorimetric method based on the Japanese Pharmacopoeia.


Severe system of quality control

A strict system of the quality check is set up in each place in the manufacturing process, and the inspection with a microscope and a profile projector, etc. is executed at any time.

Only the products that fills rigorous quality standards is sent off to the world. This is the proof of the trust of Watson brand.

Clean room environment

Our facilities include a CleanRoom to fulfill the requirements of RNase / DNase FREE and also Endotoxin FREE environment.

Only the special skilled staff with protective suits are allowed to enter our clean room.


Quality Control Structure

Fukae-Kasei maintains a thorough quality control structure. Products are checked at each of the manufacturing processes with various measuring devices.

Only those produced goods that meet the strict quality standards will be released as products.



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