Lipid Supplement, 100X

Product#: HM-TCL091
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Lipid Supplement, 100X
Sterile filtered

Product Code: HM-TCL091

Product description:

Lipids play a variety of functions in cells such as membrane structural components, storage and transport of metabolic fuels, oligosaccharide transport, cell recognition, species specificity, tissue immunity and signal transduction. Many cultured cells can make lipids required for metabolic processes from acetyl CoA. However, certain myeloma cell lines such as NS0 that are used in large scale production of recombinant proteins are sterol auxotrophs and lack a key enzyme in cholesterol biosynthesis. These cells require supplementation of culture media with a source of sterol.

In serum supplemented cell cultures, serum serves as a major source of extracellular lipids. In serum-free cell culture systems, lipids are added in the form of lipid supplements or lipid concentrates. These are mixtures of different fatty acids, detergents and lipids that are essential for cell growth and maintenance in serum-free conditions.

TCL091 is a sterile filtered 100X lipid supplement formulated to contain chemically defined lipids and fatty acids.

Directions for use:

Recommended Usage: 10 ml per litre of medium

Quality Control:

  • Appearance: Clear to hazy colorless liquid.
  • Sterility: No bacterial or fungal growth is observed after 14 days of incubation, as per USP specifications
  • Performance Test: Complies
  • Endotoxin Content: NMT 10EU/ml

Storage and Shelf Life:
  • Store the product at 2-8°C.
  • The shelf life of product is 12 months.
  • Use before expiry date given on the product label.


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